Are taxes on gasoline meant to pay for road upkeep and repair? If so, should an electric car be taxed when originally sold for the cars expected mileage in its lifetime? (to cover the loss of gas taxes to keep the roads in good shape)


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Im shure the government likes your way of thinking and will probably come up with some type of user tax like u say for electric car owners

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Good gosh I hope not!  The cost to a orginal purchaser would be astronomical and could plausibly not reflect his/her own usage of that vehicle. If the tax is paid for the lifetime of the car up front .. That would mean the orginal owner would have to recoup that prorated tax when he/she sold it.  THAT would be a nightmare of trying to collect money desitined for taxes.

Any tax collected .. I would think .. would be collected on a user pay basis somehow .. and I'm sure they will figure out a way to do that. Perhaps at at charging station (for example) they will have to figure out a way to provide for those otherwise lost taxes that are supposedly destined to help with road construction and upkeep.

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KB Baldwin
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Be easy to monitor with a simple device installed in the auto - something that one insurance company offers as n option. Or you could just be required to furnish your mileage once a year when you complete you auto registration form.

I'm sure there are also other options. Would also love to see the tax based on weight of the vehicle also. I know a Prius does less damage to a roadway than a Yukon.
Bikergirl Anonymous
I think your right .. . It would be slightly differently than how they do it now. Here in Canada fuel is taxed both federally and provincially. Federal taxes go to the Canadian Federal Gov't and the provincial taxes go to the Provincial Gov't that the fuel was purchased in. So it is split up. I imagine the USA does the same thing in terms of splitting it up between State and Federal.

If, by chance they wanted to implement a tax paid at the end of the year based on mileage, I imagine it would either ALL go to the Federal Gov't or be split up between the Federal and the Province of Residence. Which means it wouldn't matter where you travelled. Even travelling between borders of Provinces/States or even Countries (Canadian/US) wouldn't reflect any taxes paid to roads travelled.
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Fuel taxes, like the revenue raised from traffic infringements, are a major source of income for governments. Many (most?) claim that the money will be spent on road improvements. Experience teaches us that this is not so.

Some things are not going to change and we just have to live with them.

I'm sorry you came up with the idea of an electric tax. Even as we speak some miserable sod in government has been inspired and is dreaming up ways to implement it.

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Maurice Korvo
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I don't think an electric tax is the answer. Rather a larger cost for registration of the car. Possibly with the mileage worked in. And I do agree, the tax on gas does not necessarily go to road work, but rather into general budget.
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That is not a feasible option. However toll roads are. I live in Central Florida and we have a lot of toll roads compared to other areas I have lived in. That way the people who use the roads pay for them.

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PJ Stein
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They are something that has come about in the last 25-30 years here. It only seemed fair that the people in the cities and used the roads pay for them. I used to drive I-4 across Florida from Tampa to near Daytona. I think I paid $7.00 in tolls each way to take the Greenbelt around Orlando. It was well worth my sanity to keep me out of downtown Orlando.
Bikergirl Anonymous
We have enough irritations on the road .. tolls would only cause more road rage .. krikey, it gets me worked up just thinking about it!
PJ Stein
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You have a transponder attached to the windshield and drive under the tolls and don't even slow down. If you are paying cash or credit card you have to pull over into special lanes. The tolls are less for those with the transponder as they don't need to pay someone to collect the toll.
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Interesting question

Theoretically, a sales tax can be the "fairest" tax because you can choose when and if to submit to it.

How everything gets paid for in a "nation" is always an interesting subject.

Beyond this, I have no additional useful (or any other) observations.

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