Three states passed the marijuana legalization bill, don't you think it's time for the Federal government to do the same so it can be taxed properly?


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Yes, I do. It would require the government to reclassify marijuana on the schedule. At this time they can't and won't move it from a class 1 to a 2. At the beginning of 2016 it was stated that the DEA would research reclassifying. On August 2, 2016 the DEA said they would not reclassify at this time. When they can, then it can be federally legalized.

This is where the government is having an issue. Although it has been loosely proven to be medically beneficial. It is still considered high on the abuse scale. Also what is hanging them up as I understand it is that they say, "It lacks accepted safety under medical supervision". Sadly it's a catch-22. They can't fund more research for it to get off the schedule 1 classification because IT IS a schedule 1 classification.

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See I look at this from a different perspective, the first thing that entered my head was the prohibition.  Do you think the prohibition was a good thing? Because in a way you are asking marijuana to be legalised so the tax man can take his cut and it can be regulated, but what about asking whether marijuana should of been made illegal in the first place? Because for me the only people benefitting from making anything illegal is the tax man and the law. The more we ask for illegal things to be made legal, the more of us we are selling off to the law system which already has us by the short and curlies. 

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I think it is time for the federal government to follow, but not for the tax (let the states have those), but so the VA can prescribe it for veterans. It can help with some many things they are dealing with.

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yes, it's time to legalize. There are sooooo many benefits medically from using marijuana. It's really a shame that people who could benefit from its use are unable to try it, and are forced to try other medications with terrible side effects to help their ailments.

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Tax it legalize it and spend the tax money wisely

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