If you are asking someone to babysit for you isn't it common sense and common courtesy to at least warn the babysitter that the child is sick before you bring them?


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Most definitely. 

Worst case:  They have no idea if the sitter or a member of his/her family has a compromised immune system. 

Even a healthy person has the right to know in advance of exposure.  Others don't want the extra responsibility.

I personally would probably say yes, but I'd like to know what I'm in for.

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Yin And Yang
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Yes I knew she wouldn't turn the neighbor down but I had to keep Jr trapped in the room. I would have planned our barricade morning better! LOL!
HappyTo BeHereTo
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LOL! I like the term "baby barricades."
Yin And Yang
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LOL! Yes maybe a Thomas the train picnic! LOLOL!
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Yes. But then again things that would seem common sense, I realize really aren't always common.

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Yin And Yang
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LOL! I feel bad for her. I feel bad for the boy as well. It is a tough situation all around. But my family still has to be my number one priority. You know a little of what home life is like around here! LOL!
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Yes it would be a matter of common courtesy .. No question about it

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At 11:30 pm last night, my daughter got a text from our neighbor asking if she wanted to babysit her one year old son from 4am till noon. My daughter asked for 5 dollars an hour instead of the usual 25 dollars total for the whole babysitting job cuz it was last minute and we had stuff to do today but she didn't want to leave the neighbor without a sitter. Our neighbor offered to bring him at 6am instead till noon. At 7 I woke up to take my 9 year old to school and my daughter says mom I think the baby is sick. I said "WHAT!?! I JUST got everyone better in the house!" I advised her to call the mom and ask if he is sick and she said "oh yes he has the flu." I know I am old but has manners seriously gone out the door now a days or was the mom just THAT desperate!?!

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This is incorrect . . . COMMON COURTESY would be NOT to have a sick child babysat . . .

As a diligent parent of two, if I had plans and I lined up a babysitter only to find my child ended up sick on the day/night of the planned event . . . I would reschedule or outright cancel the planned event and take care of my child.

Unless a family member OFFERS to watch and take care of the child, your "plans" should come second. When I say "Offers" I am assuming the family member has been informed the child is sick.

Also, this absolutely goes for planned events that cost money . . . Family first.

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Yin And Yang
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I agree. That is one of the reasons my husband and I agreed, he would work I would stay home with the kids. I can tell you, I have no clue what an "Iphone" is, don't "need" one, had my nails done for Christmas as a gift two years ago (time before that was my wedding.) Thrift store deals are my kind of shopping! LOL! However my kids know no matter what, mom will always be around when they get home from school or to home school. They know food will be created and boo boo's will be kissed, errands will be ran and prayers will be said ANYTIME they need/want. In an ever changing world, children need some sort of a "constant" in their life. Funny thing is, is that my husband is a way better cook then me and they listen to him better! LOL!

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