Im writing a paper on why race isn't essential to a society, but i don't know where to start?


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It's certainly a big problem -- has always been so and will remain that way. Maybe you could open with a quote from the musical, South Pacific: "You've got to be taught to be afraid, of people whose eyes are oddly made, of people whose skin is a different shade, you've got to be carefully taught..."

Then you could lead in with the idea that racial prejudice isn't something we're born with but something we learn from our families, our teachers, our clergymen of whatever breed, and our peers.

Idealistically (and it is certainly idealistic) you could posit that if only we could persuade people to stop teaching racial hatred then it could die out.

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My first crush---Mitzi Gaynor.

Also, it took me years to understand why john Kerr's character died rather than Rossano Brazzi's character.
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Mitzi was gorgeous. And I felt the same way about Kerr and Brazzi. I understood when I was older.
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Dear Anonymous,

Here is my own story for you, and it is true...

About ten years ago so I was maybe 62, taking a literature class at Western Washington University, and there was a section on diversity....

Well I was writing away on my assignment, waxing on about the tiny town where I was born in the Willapa Valley, and it had no diversity at all we were all the same...and then I thought, "Wait a minute."

Because, well, I remembered: The Ruiz family was Hispanic, Marshall Vassar was African-American, the Dracobly's were Middle Eastern Jewish, ethnically first grade, my little friend Bonita may actually have been Romany as I remember back to her family, passing through on the train and living in a tent...Addie Shay was a Native American medicine woman of the Willapa tribe and she was known for healing local folks when the doctors had given up on you...also lots of Scandihoovians...                       On and on, all the people I grew up with...

And until the age of 62, I did not even figure that out, I just thought everybody was all "us"...!

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Ain't it nice when that happens. Let's face it, everybody is just "us" but unfortunately some folk don't realise it. Nice answer, Virginia.
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Hi Dozy! Yes...there are places where this is possible...
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How about starting with there is only ONE race ... Human.

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Race is a concept that is not really necessary for human society to function.  There are multiple other differences humans can use to justify hating  their neighbor (language, place of origin, sexual orientation, religion).

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