Is 55 too old to start a new job? See description in the comments.


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I've been at my current job for 15 years. I work for the state and make very little money, less than 25K a year. Our raises are few and far between, we have gone as long as 4 years without a raise. When we do get a raise, it's only between 1% to 2%. Not enough to make a difference. I have the opportunity to take a new job in the private sector that pays quite a bit more. I have a phone interview today and if that goes well, I'll get a face to face. Where I am now is pretty much a dead end job, no chance of promotion, and the stress level is VERY high for me right now. What would you do? Would you take the new one, or stay where you are?

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Easy one for me ! If all goes well with your interviews? Take that other job ! 55? That's nothing. Take the new job and start a new phase of your life. Make more money, meet new people and hopefully be as happy as you can be! Leave the stress behind and move on ! You'll thank yourself later for it. Go for it ! Best of luck to you ! :)

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Yep, easy choice for me too! I quit a job I had been in for 20 years to move to a new job that actually paid less but is two blocks from where I live as opposed to a half hour drive. Stress level after the "newness" has worn off is about the same, but for me, it's nice to be home right after I leave as opposed to having to drive so far. Sometimes a change is just what's needed. Good luck!

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55 is NOT too old to make the switch. Go into the interview with confidence. At my current job, we had a young lady of 66 that we hired on a year ago. She brought a wealth of experience and her work ethic knows no bounds. DO IT! You'll be glad you did. Good luck!

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Actually it is a great age to start a new job! You are old enough that you should have developed a good work ethic. You are young enough that you can become fully vested in the retirement program for your new job. You will be bringing is years of experience, which is a plus for an employer. And since they can't legally ask, they can assume by your age your kids, if you have any, are old enough that you will not be having to take time off to care for them. You are the perfect age!  I left a stressful job in my 40s for one with a lot less stress and better hours and better pay. It was the best thing I ever did. I was even shown more appreciation and because of my work ethic, got time off before I was even there a year! Go for it and start enjoying life again!

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Karen aka Bailey's Mom
Thank you. If they do offer me the job, I'm going to take it. I've been at my current job since 2001, I have a lot of good friends there that I'll miss, but I won't miss the stress and the low pay. :)
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Keep old friends and make new ones.
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Don't let your age hold you back. If a new job will give you a chance for advancement, less stress, I say go for it! Make yourself happy!

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