quit job in April any Government Assistance I can get. worked at the same factory for over 30 years it was killing me. have Neuropathy in my feet. can't drive. standing 10 hrs a day, I can't prove the work was killing me? I'm in Florida no pension I'm 46 


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Like Tiger said, we don't know what country you live in. If it was the U.S. , you could see your Doctor to confirm your ailments and then file for Social Security Disability. Although they are so backed up it might take years to get. As long as a Doctor confirms these conditions, you'll be eligible.

But again, we don't know where you live. Sorry.

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apply for disability at social security18007721213

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I have no medical record to back any of this up my Dr just put on my medical file I have Neuropathy i my feet & weakness & tremble in arm. he did no test to back this up.

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