What’s the tone of this msg?We need 2 find a way 2 significantly reduce time you spend on ABC.Please could you try 2 identify why you spend so much time?Is it because the reporting prepared by ZZ is not correct, or you review in too much detail?


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The tone from my perspective is strictly serious. But not VERY important.

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Working Mom
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Its from someone analyzing my time spent on a client's accounting review without having any knowledge of tasks I do or my junior ZZ does. I personally felt the tone is accusatory, demeaning and impolite.
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I understand how you feel but when it comes to working communication like this is fairly common. If this is your job then he is counting on you. It might sound a bit aggressive but I do not think its very accusatory.
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Again, I dont understand the dynamics of it. So I cant really judge importance.
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They've been asked by their manager to justify why you are spending more time than is usual on this account. So you need a face-to-face with whomever sent you the message. Get your ducks in a row first to explain the reason why this account / file / etc. needs a little more attention than the other accounts. 

They are able to run reports on just about everything. When they ran a report and saw the extra time pop up on this account, it raised a red flag. They went to your manager - who had no answers and it put him / her in a bad spot.

So they went to you for an explanation.  Like I said, have your ducks in a row - have all your facts ready - don't get defensive - just state what's going on. 

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Jann Nikka
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Goooood points 🌟🌟🌟
Danae Hitch
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I worked in a call center for a brief period. We were constantly being analyzed on how long we were on a call. The thing is - I was one of the first 12 people hired to be trained on how to interpret health claims. Nurses would call in and say - how come you didn't pay 80 / 20% on this claim?

You had to spend precious minutes researching what was said when they called in to find out about what benefits the patient had - why they paid the way they did - and then you had to listen while the other party crabbed about how unfair it was.

If the client - the one that hired the call center to take the calls - noticed that the claims calls were taking longer than normal, they pulled the managers in for a talking-to. Then the managers would come back to us and tell us we were talking too long on the phone. The thing is - some people don't understand right off the bat - you have to spend extra time with them to help them understand what's going on.
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Wow thanks

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