My job offered me a transfer to LA, not relocation expenses and I have always wanted to live there. I was recently hit with an IRS issue and that is going to dip into my moving fund. I will be in the $9,000 range. Any advice?


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How much does your company value you?
I'd ask for moving reimbursement ... Which is not the same as relocation expenses.  With moving reimbursement, they just pay the tax-deductible expenses - such as lodging during the trip, gas, cost of renting a moving vehicle or paying a moving company.

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Alice Sween
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My company is really cheap, they would never pay for relocation expenses. Everyday I apply for a job but I have always wanted to move to LA and moving with a job would be ideal.
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Also download an "Offer In Compromise" form.  Ask the IRS to take a much lower payment if you owe taxes and don't forget you can also set up payments with the IRS as well and they can take payments directly out of your paycheck so you won't miss it.

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