How do you feel when someone ask or beg you for money, saying no one will help them and you loan the 💰 and you see them almost weekly, they have yet to pay you back after 6 mo? I asked this question because I was watching one of those silly, stupid and foolish talk shows. I don't loan 💰 and last time was 15 years ago.


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Hard one to answer. Luckily for me ? No one has asked me for a dime in ages ! I think that most people would think to ask me last for money. Kind of depends on the amount also. $100.00 or so and I would write it off. Any more and I would say something.

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I won't loan anyone money. If they ask, I'll inquire what they need the money for. If it's something I think they need to survive, I'll take them and buy it for them.

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I have learned that most people who say no one will help them is because they usually will do nothing to help themselves. And they have usually borrowed from everyine else and never paid them back.

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At this stage of my life, if someone says no one will help them, I am likely to say "You're right. Have a good day."

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U might as well write that off as a leason learned. Kharma will get them they will call u one day when their in jail or the hospital and u can say no no no

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The way I approach it when someone "asks" me for money. I determine what the need is - if I feel it's a legitimate need. Then I ask myself - are they generally responsible with money and this is a legitimate emergency? If they are generally responsible (i.e., pay their bills, don't skip out on rent, etc.), then I give what I feel is appropriate. Sometimes, I will just pay the financial institution directly.

If they need groceries, I will give them a gift card to the grocery store. I only "give" money if I feel I can do so without hurting my own situation and I feel they would be grateful for the gift. I don't loan money - I just give based on the need.

True story - my son's friend (20 y/o at the time) needed $300 from my son so they wouldn't get evicted from their apartment. Tony was living with his mom and sister and sister's boyfriend at the time. If they didn't get the $300, they were going to be evicted.

I told my son the decision was his. I already knew this would not be paid back. I told him that if he were to give the money, it would be better for the friendship. We already knew that Tony's mom was horrible with money - skipped out on rent several times - but she had been in a car crash and totaled her car.

So, he gives the money - all $300 - and they got their rent paid. Not 3 months later, do they get evicted for non-payment of rent.

He was able to see this unfold - see how unconcerned Tony was that they had to bunk in with relatives - he got to see how nonchalant Tony's mom was about the whole thing. It was such a powerful learning lesson for him.

He didn't regret giving the money, but he certainly was glad he never asked to be paid back. Because - it never occurred to anyone in this mess to actually pay him back. He's never offered again - thank God!

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dragonfly forty-six
I give you high praise for keeping your mouth shut and letting him learn this lesson on his own in his own way. As a mom that is one of the hardest things for us to do. The best lessons are the ones we must learn on our own. You're doing a great job. :)
Danae Hitch
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You are not kidding! We talk about money things a lot, especially now when he's saving up money to move out. Some parents never talk about it and then wonder why kids fail at budgeting and figuring out how to make their money work.
Jann Nikka
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Yep ;)
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Kinda stupid of ya in the first place, to loan someone money - when they admit nobody else will.

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