Have you ever found money on the ground? like ten dollars or even twenty?


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When I was a kid (many years ago), my friend and I found $5. That was a lot of money back then. We bought 2 ice cold watermelons and 2 pints of strawberries and sat in a cemetery and ate it all.

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Oh yeah.

We had no car for about 13 years and got around everywhere by bicycle. It's incredible what you find when you've got your head down riding hard.

One memorable one was a woman's handbag, which included her money and credit cards. When I got home I tried to phone her but she was continually engaged. I finally got through and she came around to collect it. Did she thank me? Well, that would have been nice. She actually abused me because I hadn't called her before she cancelled her cards.

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Tom  Jackson
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Didge, you know no good deed goes unpunished.
Tom  Jackson
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He was a breath of fresh air, Ray
Didge Doo
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Nice one, Ray.

And I did know that, Tom. Oscar Wilde was a clever man. It's one of those eternal truths that deserves a place alongside O'Toole's Corollary which says, "Murphy was an optimist."
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A couple of years ago, I found a twenty dollar bill in the parking lot of a produce store.

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I found a folded $100 bill about 40 years ago in a large public parking lot.

I would set up a fun way to tell the story.  For about ten years I would occasionally drop a quarter around a relative or a friend and of course they would tell me I had dropped it.

I would then simply say, "If I drop money and it makes a noise I don't pick it up anymore---I found a $100 dollar bill (x) years ago and I figure I'm ahead of the game."

I would then laugh at their expression and then promply pick it up.

Everyonne I tried it on got a kick out of it.

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The most I have found is $1... Jeez people, can you not drop more for me to find?

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