Is there an alternative to a capitalistic society?


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Ray Dart answered

There are many alternatives, just none that work.

The "greatest good for the greatest number" exists most successfully in capitalist democracies.

Whilst I have views as to why this is, I'm not an economist.

(It's still true though).

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Capitalism is an economic form.  Not a governmental form.

Here's a little primer I found:

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Ray Dart
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But it is (in these terms) a societal form. Sortof what the questioner asked.
Walt O'Reagun
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I'm just trying to correct a common misconception ... that capitalism is a form of government.

A society consists of government and economic forms (as well as other things).

So you can have multiple types of capitalist societies. It's even possible to have a capitalist-dictator society.
Ray Dart
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OK, I didn't see "government" mentioned (until you did). Anyway - good points.

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