is there any place i can trade in my pc to get a better one i called walmart and they dont offer that anywhere else?


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Staples may be able to help.  This link will show you.

Best Buy has a site too.

Amazon has trade-in info.  Unfortunately, I have it as an app and can't post a link.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

There are some places that will still do that but first call a couple of PC Tech shops and ask if they will build you one and take yours as a trade-in. My friends company does this all the time. That would be my first start other than buying one from a store that's already filled with junk. Otherwise, Staples and Best Buy have trade in programs and online, and Amazon have them also. A PC Tech shop is your best bet though. Better hand made PC with what YOU want in it and all your info transferred also. Call around.

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