What do you think about Finland's government thinking to replace all benefit payments by giving ALL of its citizens a "basic income" of $870 a month?


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Personally, I'd say it's a ridiculous and terrible idea.

I just told my girlfriend about it, She's Finnish, and she also said it's terrible idea! And informed that this program is already stopped, they were planning this some time ago, but it faced so many criticism, and they stopped considering this.

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How come? It seems kind of sensible to me. Every country's welfare system costs so much to maintain, and often people are not paid fairly - some receiving too much, and others too little... apparently it would actually be cheaper to just pay everyone a basic wage. The Green Party here in the UK had it on their manifesto, and I voted for them partly because of it.
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Maybe you be right! but in my opinion replacing all payments with one stable budget doesn't make sense! each service and benefit payment needs it's own budget and credit. cutting everything and replacing it with one budget would create chaos!! in the other hand mostly because people didn't got used to it and managing is harder and it feels uncomfortable! and if we even consider apply such program we need to make sure the budget we select (the new income) be suit and fair according to the current payments that we chosen to replace with. we need to gather all of the payment benefits average and see how was the incomes and prices and if it fits and match with the new budget that the gov chosen to pay! and i guess it wasn't fair enough, that's why it faced criticism.

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