What is health maintenance benefits?


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Health benefit covers reimbursement of outpatient expenses incurred by Insured person up-to the limits specified under the health insurance plan. It can be used to cover diagnostic tests, medical aids, drugs, prosthetics, dental treatments and alternative forms of medicines.

So basically it covers your outpatient expenses that some health plans won't cover.

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Having a better health,  long life and being happy, of cause to keep healthy need to take care of what we eat every day,  doing exercises and living peacefully.

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For being happy you must to care about your health.
An HMO is a Managed Care Plan that provides its members with comprehensive medical care services on a prepaid basis. It is also a type of facility management service which is provided by facility management company for a fixed annual fee. Health care service is a preventive and well-care services, such as routine physicals and pediatric care, are provided at no additional cost for better health.
If you have compliance, you may contact with a facility management company.

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