What is the best method to saving money as a teen to buy something?


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Cody Deegan answered

Learn how to budget your money. Don't buy unless it is necessary. Discipline is very important. No matter what we say here as tips if you can't control yourself, it is will be useless.

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You surely receive some pocket money to cater for your daily needs and the best
thing to do in such a situation is to save some or most of it for your
expenses. You might require some patience, but at the end of the day, it’s all
about how much you need the things that you might be saving for!

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Mia Gutsberg answered

Honey, try to use some coupons while you check out. The ways to get coupons includes signing up the email, referring a friend, sharing their site and so on. If you find the ways above complicated, you can simply visit some coupon sites like Retailmenot and Couponbirds. They have already collected money-saving coupons and promo deals for you.

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