Which is best Adsense or Affiliate Marketing?


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Google Adsense is safest and best one to go with.

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If you do Adsense, you're going to have to put up more than one website - perhaps dozens if not more to make decent money. 

If that appeals to you then Adsense is good because it's literally on autopilot outside of keeping content on the blog and keeping the sites up in the search engines so they can be found.

Affiliate income is more manageable and you don't have to worry about creating a lot of sites and then hoping your sites get ranked.

Do what feels right to you.

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Both are effective techniques, but Adsense is more favorable for businesses with website that aimed for a good ranking simply because placing and add on Google is a very good source of traffic and it is a unique format because you will only pay per visits, so it makes it a bit more fair especially if you dont knoW all that much about online maketing. For more info visit Internet Marketing Experts Newcastle

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Google AdSense

When you check out a Google search engine results page, you will see the organic search results on the left and adverts to the right. Google adverts also appear immediately above the search results, labeled ‘Sponsored’. These adverts are what Google refers to as its AdWords program: Pay-per-click (PPC) adverts, where advertisers pay for every click made on the advert. They are listed in order of how much the advertiser offers to pay Google for the click – the more you are willing to pay, the closer to the top of Page #1 of the SERPs your ad will appear.

Google also publishes these adverts on web pages and blogs who request them, such publications being offered a percentage of the click price for doing so. This is Google’s AdSense program. Here’s briefly how it works:

  • You apply for AdSense, stating the sites on which you want to publish the adverts.
  • If approved, Google allows you to publish ad blocks on your site. These are blocks of one or more adverts: You will likely have seen these on other sites. You can choose how many adverts you want to publish and where you publish them.
  • Google then visits the web pages containing your AdSense blocks and uses semantic analysis (similar to its LSI algorithm) to establish the theme of your page. It then publishes adverts in these blocks from its AdWords program that it believes relates to your webpage or blog post/page.
  • Advertisers pay for clicks on their adverts optimized for specific keywords, ranging from 1 cent to over $50 for each click according to competition for the keyword. Highest bidder gets the top listing and so on down.
  • When a visitor to your site clicks on one of these ads, your account is credited with 68% of the click cost.
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves selling products belonging to other people for a commission. It’s a bit like being an online Avon or Amway agent, but you can sell any product offered by affiliate commissions. Popular sources of affiliate products include ClickBank, Commission Junction, Amazon, Maxbounty, and JVZoo.

You advertise a product on your blog and you get paid whenever somebody purchases. Affiliate commissions can be 50% and over of the sales price for electronically deliverable products (eBooks, software, etc) that have no replacement costs. Physical products can offer 2% commission upwards. It doesn’t sound a lot, but if you sell a $10,000 entertainment system with a click on your site…

To become involved in affiliate marketing you should join a program – try ClickBank to begin with if you are new to affiliate marketing – then advertise products on your website or blog including your affiliate reference in the sales link. Your affiliate program explains how to do this, and most will provide graphics and promotional material to help you sell.

Affiliate marketing is most profitable if you generate your own mailing list using an autoresponder. This involves some initial expenditure, but the rewards of creating a list can make the work well worthwhile. By communicating with your list and providing useful information on your niche you can gain their trust.

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