How to live off of $60 a week (as a 17 year old still living with parents)? Details below...


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I will possible have a babysitting job when school starts. I will assuredly be getting $30 a day, 2 days a week for a little 3 year old boy. I will also be babysitting my nephew but I don't think I'll be getting paid for him. I will soon be getting a car (from my dad) (the car is a '97 Chrysler Cirrus) and hopefully a phone (probably a flip phone). So I'll have insurance, gas and a phone bill. I have a trip next year to California I have to save for. I also want to save up and buy a Macbook Air (my current computer is really old) as well as an Ipod Touch (if not an Iphone). 

I am still living with my parents so I don't have to worry about living expenses. (I am home-schooled and will graduate next year.) How can accomplish all these things on only a solid $60 a week? I might also have a few odd jobs here and there through out the months... (Yes, I do know that I need a "real job" and I truly want one but I am stuck with this one until I graduate)

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Another question is if I should charge my sister-in-law for babysitting her 2 yr old boy? I will have him 4 days a week (Mon-Thur) while I have to do school. I was thinking $10 a day since they are family.
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Why not drop the car. Replace it with a bus pass. No insurance or gas.
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i live in a small town so we don't have any buses here that i've seen.
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I'm not sure why your mom is keeping you from getting a "real" job, making you wait until you graduate from high school. That part of it doesn't make any sense. There are many, many high school kids that juggle school, sports and a job and they do just fine.

Nonetheless, I would suggest cutting out saving for the new computer. The old one has served you well thus far; just put it on your list for next year to save for. You've got an entire final year of school to get through with just your babysitting income coming in.

In addition, I think you have a good head on your shoulders if you've thought out your expenses, tried to plan ahead on what you have coming up. You're doing better than most kids who just think about purchasing the next video game when it comes out!

I don't know if you do any kind of hobby that you can use to supplement your babysitting - such as crocheting, sewing, etc. Then you could make extra money by doing a project and selling it. You might want to consider that. Is there any way you could pick up extra babysitting, maybe on the weekends?

I wish you good luck in getting this all pulled together. I'm impressed that you're actually thinking about upcoming life events and trying to save for them. In addition, I believe you're trying to be respectful of your mom's rules (the no job rule). Good luck to you, Becca.

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Thank you. My mom, sister and I have tried some things on Etsy but nothing has come through yet. That's partially because we don't really have time for it. I really like Photography but I haven't found anything that I can do to earn money with that yet but I'll keep trying.
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Well, I'm not sure what your subject in Photography is, but could you go to a park, take pix of kids - with permission, of course - and get those printed out and sell them?

How about taking pix of the kids that you're babysitting, showing the mom / dad the pix, and tell them that you're trying to make some extra money, selling pictures. Would they be interested in your prints?
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that's a good idea, maybe i'll try it :) thanks!
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Becca-You have very BIG DREAMS & maybe in about 3-4 years, you'll be able to afford ALL the stuff that you plan on getting.  Babysitting isn't going to cut it!!! You need to be realistic,  you need to get a REAL JOB!!!  You should work full time during the summer & part time  while going to school & then you may just make it, if your lucky!!!

I don't mean to be tough on you, but you're NOT BEING REALISTIC!!!

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thank you. I know with an absolute $60 a week and maybe more is not at all going to let me do all that stuff. I know I need a "real job". I just can't get one with my mom's permission until I graduate next year.... :/

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