What business or company do you think will be gone in the next 10 years?


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Ray Dart , Old newspaperman, answered

Despite what the others have said, it seems unlikely to be newspapers. In the same way that film did not put an end to theatre and photography did not sound the death knell to other visual arts. I suspect that newspapers have a good few years in them yet. The largest news-gathering organisation in the world is the BBC, (no, not CNN, whatever they may suggest) and their website is widely recognised as bringing the most news to the greatest number. Yet, it falls very far short of the news content in a normal issue of the London Times (in fact, most of the major "dailies" in most of the world). Want a quick "newsbite"? Look online. Want in-depth news delivery, with analysis and interpretation in a convenient paper package? Get a copy of the Times.

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I think Food business is the best idea. Its will give you profit..

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dom smith answered

According to me Real Estate Business. It is the best idea to invest and it is also good source of money in future. You can get to much profit from this business.

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As per me food business is the best business to get profit...... What do you think?

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