My friend and I are going out tomorrow and I need cash. Every time I ask my parents, I feel really guilty because I know they could use it. Also my friend offered to pay for my lunch/shopping, but I don't want her to...what do I do?


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Totally agree with Happy's answer, it's great that you have an understanding and respect for the value of money. And the idea of asking for chores and looking into a part-time job to help out is a good one.

In the meantime, I would recommend suggesting some low-cost alternatives for hanging out with your friend. The cool thing about friends is that you can usually have a great time even when you're not spending lots of money, you just have to be a bit creative!

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I really just need enough for lunch (maybe $10?) But I figured that I could use the extra cash to look for some school supplies/clothes while I'm out. I'm hoping my parents would be ok with that
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Good news! Apparently I have a debit card that my mom just handed me with $50 and she gave me a $40 Macy's card she isn't gonna use. Thank you for the advice anyway! I'll use it next time this happens!
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Glad to hear it, have fun!
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Do?  The logical thing to 'do' to gain funds to play with is .. Get a job. EARN your play money .. Like the rest of the world.  Get a paper route, cut grass or run errands around the neighbourhood, there are numberous jobs for young people to be had .. You just gotta get out there...and make some play dough.

In the meantime .. if you need cash quick .. sell something you no longer use .. something that has been just collecting dust.  Talk to your parents first before you do that though, so you can educate yourself on what things are worth.

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Maybe you should work out some kind of allowance for doing things around the house for your Parents and without asking. Maybe you can cut grass or something around the neighborhood for some extra cash. There is always a way here but try the allowance route. Good luck

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