What's the best company you've ever worked for?


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This is probably a little biased on my part but I liked my company the best of all. After working for many others, I learned the goods and the bad. It helped me to make a good clean pleasant place to work. My employees were happy and I had guys that had been working for me for years because they felt secure . It made me happy and proud to take a small failing business and building it up and having a good name for quality and customer service. I miss my shop.

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Definitely the Tomen Corporation. Japanese company in Sydney. Nice people, friendly, funny, hard-working. They fired me after three years but that was OK.

The first day I got home from work I told Daizy, "I can't last there. They don't need me." It took two years for them to work it out and the boss called me in to say they were going to let me go. "That's fine," I said. "Who's going to look after your computers?"

That was 1990 when PCs were just finding their way into offices and we were still using DOS.

He asked around, found that I was the go-to guy when things got stuffed up, and agreed to keep me on. I said, "If that's now an official part of my job I want a raise." And I got it.

They let me go a year later when I'd trained the staff for them, but I knew it was inevitable.

Of course, there could be problems.

On one occasion when I stuffed up the boss came into my office and said, "If you ever do that again I will bring a ceremonial knife into this office and watch you ritually disembowel yourself." They can be very traditional, at times. :(

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Joshua Twentyfour
So you got used lol
Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
Joshua, if you're lucky you'll learn that companies can't afford to hire you if they can't make a profit from you. And, yeah, sometimes it hurts. Was I used? Sure, with my eyes wide open. You think that's funny?
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My own companies were always my favorites.

______Building Contractors, now retired
______Diamond and Gemstone Brokers, now retired
______Home Improvement Guide, active

It's a great thing to work for yourself, if you're able to do it.

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Probably the one I'm working at now. The funny thing is that I've left this same company at least TWICE. The times that I left, they pretty genuinely much told me "We'll miss you, come back soon." Imagine that? It's not because I'm special or anything. It's just how the company runs.

The only reason I left is because I needed some fresh air and a company as big as mine starts feeling stagnant at times. As much as we want people to stay, we expect them to leave. People switching companies every 2-3 years is a common thing in my industry, some hiring managers would question your resume if you don't. "Hmmm, so this person's supervisor never took them along when they made a jump? Must be a bad hire." 

Every time I return they put me in a bigger position where I get to tell people all of my amazing start-up stories and how much the free food wasn't as great as what's offered at my company. Cheers!

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