I am in need of about 30 thousand. My car is dead. Need surgery, and I got everything stolen from me from an online hacker. I have a 4.91 I work as a makeup artist and at a salon and will be in school soon. I will need it or any of it today please?


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People will not send money to a stranger, out of no where. Tell the police about the hacker and talk to your bank. They might get some of the money back. For surgery, go to your department for Social Services and ask them if there is anyone who can help you get surgery. We have Vocational Rehab groups that help you get medical needs met, if you are trying to get back to work. They can even help with school some. 

Please get to social services, soon. Bring proof of your losses (stolen money, auto shops info on car, etc. They can also help you get food.

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