When considering a business venture you should consider factors such as your financial resources, your special skills, where you live, and what you like to do with your time?


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

The biggest thing here is to find a void in the business section of where you live. In other words would the business be filling a need in your area?  Also if its something you love to do and are good at it,  that's a huge plus in favor of successful business. 

And are you prepared to take on the responsibilities of running a business, as it will take majority of your time til its off the ground and running? But just don't get into any area simply because you want your own business as it will be doomed to fail before it even gets started.  

Then comes the fun of finding real good and honest employees .  There is a lot to consider in starting your own business so draw up a good business plan, find your funding and I wish you all the best in getting it started

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