Who Regulates The Money Supply Of The United States?


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It is Federal Reserve that is the regulatory authority of the money supply in the United States. It governs all the policies that are useful to regulate the market in the country and the implications of its decisions are not confined only in the US but can be felt the world over.

We all know that US is the biggest economy in the world and its strength can be gauged with the statement that the country that comes second after it is almost one third of it. It is also among the biggest importer of any kind of goods, so the effects of its policies can certainly be felt the world over.

One of the prime aspects about the regulation of money in the US is that these days China is also playing a big role in the supply of money in the US. China is among the countries that have kept big amount of US currency in its kitty, so certainly it can also be said to be among the deciding factors of the regulation of money in the US.

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