What is the advantage of responsive Web Page Design?


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Responsive Web Page Design as the name indicated, is related to Usability of your website to provide an optimal experience when user view your website on any device. Following are the benefits of responsive web page design:

  1. Better ease of use:
  2. SEO advantages
  3. Cost Efficient approach
  4. Reduces the bounce rate of your website
  5. Improves Mobile SEO
  6. Platform independent website
  7. Increases usability
I hope these points are quite enough to understand the importance and advantages of responsive web page design.

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Frederick Fisk
Frederick Fisk commented
Fatima and Justin here said it all.
brad haddin
brad haddin commented
As the user switches from computer to mobile, the website should autometically maintain the resolution, image size.
Muser Pvt Ltd
Muser Pvt Ltd commented
there are many advantages of a responsive web design like:-
1. good user experience
2. SEO friendly
3. decrease the bounce rate
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There is no denying that
Responsive Web Page Design is vital for today’s web designing
perspective. The reason is that your website design is the very first
thing that holds the attention of your visitors. Only your website
design tells whether your visitor is going to turn into your customer
or not. Also, the use of smartphones and tablets is increasing
rapidly which indicates you need to build a mobile-friendly website
as well.

So far as the advantages
of a responsive web page design are concerned, they are innumerable.
Some of them are mentioned below:

  • It holds the
    attention of your customers and makes him stay for longer.

  • It renders super
    flexibility for your customers to access your web portal.

  • It provides an
    excellent user experience.

  • It is very easy to
    be managed by your customers.

From where here you are
getting your website designed is also that matters a lot. When people
ask me the solution to get their website designed, I always recommend
The Digital Department.

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1. Usability – Loyalty means very little in the mobile web. Even if a customer likes your desktop website and has used it in the past, the vast majority of mobile users will abandon your website in a heartbeat in favor of a more mobile-friendly one while they are out using their smartphones. Responsive web design enables us to make sure your mobile website looks, feels and most of all WORKS great no matter how your customers or potential customers are surfing.

2. From Good SEO to Great SEO – In our last blog installment, we talked about how critical search engine optimization (SEO) is to bringing new visitors to your website when they do a search for your products or services. Responsive web design makes it very easy for Google to index your website so that it shows up near the top no matter what format a user is searching from.

3. Maintenance is a Snap – When mobile first hit the world, some companies had multiple versions of their websites (one for the desktop, one for smartphones, etc.) You can see how that quickly became a headache when it was time to update the website. With responsive web design, you have just one website that adapts to the format it’s being viewed on, which means there is only one website that needs to be updated. Whew!

4. The Competitive Edge – Having a website that works well across platforms gives you a competitive edge because, actually, very few businesses (especially small businesses) have one. Be the business with the website customers want and can use and you can expect sales and leads to expand well beyond the competition! But you can’t afford to wait… more business are waking up to this fact. Be one of the early adopters and snag those customers before anyone else does!

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These following are the advantages of Responsive Web Design:

1. Super Flexible

2. Excellent User Experience

3. Cost Effective

4. It is Recommended By Google

5. Very Easy to manage

Contact if you want responsive website

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Responsive Design is a design philosophy where in the design of the system responds depending upon the layout of the device. Nowadays growing the range of devices connecting to the internet and a variety of screen sizes and form factors (e.g. Mobile, tablet, netbook laptop and desktop) there’s more pressure than ever to create websites that work well and look great no matter what device they’re being viewed on.

benefits of Responsive Website :

  • Flexible to all Screen Resolution
  • SEO And Website Maintence Process become smooth
  • Quick and Less Expensive
  • Ranking Factor
  • Improve User Experience

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The most important advantage is that you will not lose customers because they have entered your site from another device. In general, when it comes to complex web projects then it is very important to choose the best company who will be able to make absolutely correct responsive Web Page Design. I usually read reviews, and on their basis, I draw my conclusions. Last time I used the services of I got a good project and was satisfied. Depending on your project, you can search for a separate company. Or you can apply for freelance website.

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Every web designer knows that for the success of the site it is important to have an attractive design. To do this, you need to monitor web design trends that are updated. But you can be sure that the 3D modeling will always be in trends, it looks very nice and make your site beautiful. You can use the site where you will make any 3D model for your site.

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The primary benefit of responsive web design is that a site loads quickly without any distortions, so users don't need to manually resize anything to view content. So, it is important for your site to be mobile-friendly. It has to be noted, modern web design tools are aimed to achieve this goal without special effort. Moreover, it is possible to build a website from your phone like those from the list here I find these web builders to be easy to use and great, especially for beginners.

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