Can any body give me some ideas about online shopping?


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I love online shopping! I stick to sites I know. Amazon, that site....Bath and Body Works.....All Heart for my scrubs, just be sure it's a reputable site and have fun!

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Online shopping has created a buzz in the Indian market. It has provided the ease and comfort amongst people. Even for things like furniture people prefer buying it online. The best site for buying furniture is FabFurnish in India. Their service is great and quality of goods is also amazing. 

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Stick to well known sites like Amazon for starters. If you wish to buy something from a site you're unsure of, check to see if there are any reviews on it or any complaints. You can also check the site with the B.B.B. And see if it is listed and how it's rated. Online shopping is great and you'll find a few sites you like and trust and stay with them. I buy so many things online. It's easy and cheaper too!

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Tamoor Tanvir , BSCS, answered

Online shopping is good and time saving as compared to traditional shopping. You just have to open an online website, select the product you want to buy and confirm the order. The order will be delivered to you in two or three days.

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Nowadays online shopping sites are more and competitive. Usually, I make my online shopping through Facebook groups. Where we can find more trendy collections be updated as soon.

To be secured and make a useful shopping experience we must have the responsibility to filter secured sites. Make a dealing with the merchants by going through the customer reviews and provide a transaction through secured sites. 

The products should be delivered at the right time, the quality of the products should be high as we ordered and there should be no change in the products. To avoid the above failures provide a transaction through secured sites.

There is an app named Snapay, through this, we can shop safe and secure. It is very useful and secure one for getting the requested product on demand by paying the cash through Snapay.

The reason behind our confident is, when customers paid money to merchants before receiving the products, the cash will not send to the merchants, It will be in the Snapay account and once the product delivered, the confirmation message will send to snapay by the customers, after that the cash will be transferred to the merchant's account or else the money will be refunded to customers.
And the customers too cannot get a chance to cheat the merchants after receiving the products by leaving without paying money. So, it is a safe shopping for customers and as well as merchants.

Install and try this. Click  SNAPAY
Thank You.

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When shopping is done over the internet it is termed as online shopping. For example, if you want to buy a dining furniture There re various things that need to be considered.

Whenever you look at any dining table online or at a land-based shop, you should think as if it would be comfortable or not when sitting for a longer duration.

1. Use the measuring tape: Choose the perfect size of furniture that suits best to your dining space. If your dining space is small and you have bought a heavy massy furniture, it would look less spacious and vice-versa.

2. Decide the shape of the dining table: Most common dining tables are of square or rectangular shape. There are also round and oval shaped tables available. Choose the one that matches your needs.

3. Pay attention to the table supports: Dining table comes with different supports including legs, pedestal, and trestle. It is the key to decide how many people can fit into it.

4. Choose the right material: Dining table are crafted with different materials including wood, glass, metal, plastic, and laminates etc. Choose a perfect one for you.

Bauhaus furniture is the best in my opinion because of its quality and affordability.

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In my opinion, it is difficult not to make a mistake during online shopping. There is a lot of trash on the net while I prefer to buy the best things of all. Thankfully, I found this website where I can find the best things of all or read different guides which usually help me in life.

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