Who Is Donald Trump?


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Donald John Trump is an American entrepreneur, business executive, and author. He was born in 1946, and is seen as representing the epitome of American industry and Wall Street savvy.

Two of Trump's main achievements include:
  • His role as the Chief Executive Officer of his self-named Trump Organization (a pioneering real-estate developer based in the US).
  • He is also the founder of Trump Entertainment, which operates a number of gambling casinos.
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Why is Donald Trump famous? Trump enjoys a great deal of publicity for a number of reasons: Most recently, he's been on American TV with his reality television show The Apprentice. He was also linked with the 2012 republican presidential candidacy, but ended up withdrawing claims that he would run. 

Donald Trump initially gained publicity both for his lifestyle and several skyscrapers bearing his name, which he has developed on the island of Manhattan in New York.

Among his many assets, Trump owns NBC (National Broadcasting Company) and is involved in organizing and producing several national beauty pageants including Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA.

Donald Trump's nicknames Donald Trump is well known for courting the American Media, and because of his public persona several popular nicknames have been attributed to him:
'The Donald' (reportedly given to him by ex-wife Ivana Trump).
'A Schoolboy's Dream'
'A Competitor's Challenge'

He's also known for his Apprentice catchphrase 'You're Fired' - and for his unique hair style.

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