Interview questions on Bollywood actor/actress who turned politician?


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If you are interviewing a Bollywood actor/actress about a possible political career, there are several ways you could approach the subject with your interviewee - it really come down to the "style" of interview you want to conduct: will it be hard-hitting and revealing? Or cheeky and tongue-in cheek?

Let's assume you don't want to be too confrontational; if nothing else, if you are too harsh too early on in the interview, your interviewee may stop answering your questions!

Here's a few easier questions to get started:

  • You're famous for acting, but what made you want to get into politics?
  • Did you want to get into politics even before you took up acting?
  • Do you come from a political family? Did you discuss politics with your parents as a child, for example?
  • Which of your films/TV shows do you consider the most political? Did it change your views?
  • Recently we heard from the Sri Lankan actor-turned-politician Ranjan Ramanayake advising Salman Khan to keep out of the country's politics. What did you think of his comments, or on Khan's activities in Sri Lanka?
  • We've seen a number of Bollywood actors become politicians over the years. Why do you think so many actors become politicians? Are the skills needed for both careers similar? Who do you think has succeeded the best in becoming a politician?
  • Have you given up on acting entirely? Will you ever appear in a film again?

That should get you started well enough, and the interviewee's replies will spark off other questions during the interview - try not to stick too rigidly to a set list of questions, rather adapt yourself to the answers you are given.

Dharmendra is one Bollywood actor who turned to politics. Watch this YouTube film of an interview with the star for some more ideas for interview questions:

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