How can VoIP help in my business?


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Voip phone service is good for giving you lower phone rates for calls but if the electricity goes out there is no phone battery to use for back up until it comes back on.  Until than you're stuck. I think the F.C.C should do something about this to be honest. So think twice before you switch from Verizon regular phone service to Comcast, Vonage , ViaTalk etc. 

One thing, if your electric goes out with Verizon's traditional phone service you pretty much have phone service with no interruptions.

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The main thing is that its cheaper.  You can use your existing broadband internet and pay a small service fee for them to provide the phone service.  Other than that I dont know what other benefits its has.  

I would say its not such a great idea for business because if you have alot of employees using the internet and slowing it down then your phone connections are going to be terrible and your customers will be upset.

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Businesses today are making the switch over to VoIP phone systems using a VoIP has several benefits for businesses. Using VoIP for business advanced features like save money, voice-email, call waiting, toll free numbers, call forwarding, quality and flexible service too.
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VoIP calls can significantly lower your telephone bills, plus they have several benefits over a fixed landline:

Let's say for instance that your type of business would look more professional if it was based in a large city, yet you are in a suburb. You could get a New York or Florida phone number so that your customers would think that is where they are calling.

That works well too if people generally visit you in one location but when they call they think they are talking to your other office in a major city.

Major reasons for choosing VoIP are:

  • Call quality is now excellent - when VoIP was first introduced the sound quality was pretty bad, and both parties had to talk via computers. This is no longer the case as it is easy to use a normal phone or an IP phone which has many features.
  • VoIP costs are lower - VoIP service providers charge much less than standard telephone companies and you don't need a data connection and a phone one as they both work through the same system.
  • You can use your business phone anywhere you have an internet connection so your cell phone can be kept for private calls, yet you can still talk to an important business client from your hotel room or from the home of a friend.

If you are unsure of the benefits of VoIP for your business, test it out for a while in a small way whilst still keeping your permanent line. Then you can judge how it would operate, the call quality and cost associated with it and make an informed decision.

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VoIP can save your money in some ways – firstly by reduce
the need to install new phone lines. All you need to do is connect your VoIP tools
directly into your existing broadband network and you’ll be good to go.

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