How can I answer this question as part of a job application? 

"How will you support and contribute to the educational system in this role?" 


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Chloe Corkhill answered

When a potential employer asks how you will "contribute to the educational system in this role", they could be looking for a number of different responses. The answer they're hoping for depends very much on the type of job you are applying for. The examples below give some guidance on what you response should be.

A teaching / tutoring / lecturing role

In a teaching position, the education system IS the role so your answer needs to be comprehensive, thought through and articulate. One good tip is to use your answer to illustrate how you past professional experiences correspond to the exact requirements set out in the job advertisement.

A management role

In the context of a management role, this question is asking something slightly different. You could read it as 'how will you ensure your staff / your team receive the training and education required?" Answer this by reassuring the potential employer that you are dedicated to continual professional development.

A specialised professional role

Specialised professionals like solicitors, medics and scientists should always be committed to learning for life. Their fields change throughout the course of the careers with new research and methods being introduced all the time. Your answer should demonstrate a knowledge of this.

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