Please tell us in less than 100 words what qualities you have that will make you an outstanding 5-Star Cabin Crew member at Qatar Airways and how you have demonstrated them in the past?


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If you only have 100 words to explain which qualities will make you
an outstanding 5-star Cabin Crew member at Qatar Airways, you have to be pretty
concise with your explanation. 

You also need to know what makes an outstanding
Cabin Crew member of Qatar Airways. According to their website, these
professionals need to be enthusiastic, outgoing, friendly, good communicators
and have excellent interpersonal skills. 

Qualities you'll need to become a cabin crew member for Qatar Airways

Anyone thinking of joining Qatar Airways as a cabin crew member should have 2 years relevant experience
in the hospitality industry and have a good command of spoken English and

They should also be confident and have a positive attitude.

Once you know what it is they are looking for, you can communicate
this to them.

Characteristics that Qatar Airways look for

In my experience, Qatar Airways prefer their cabin crew to be bubbly and outgoing, with relevant interests and experience. Here are a few examples of how you could highlight those qualities in yourself: 

I will make a great addition to Qatar Airways because I’m confident and
enthusiastic, which is evident by the two years I spent as a high school

I am outgoing, friendly and I have great interpersonal skills and
I’ve used these to my advantage in my career as a beauty therapist. I have a
large client base to show for it. 

I have worked as a beauty therapist for the
past two years and I am fluent in both English and Arabic. I have a very positive
attitude and I believe I can turn any frown upside down.

This paragraph not only displays your skills, but does so with
multiple examples that highlight your best features. More importantly, the
paragraph highlights the features that are most valuable to Qatar Airways, the
company that you are looking to join.

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