How Do You Think, You Can Contribute As A Fresher To A Start-up Company?


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Swarda Padwal answered
Contributing as a fresher to a start-up company depends on the qualifications one has. The first thing one can do is to 'work sincerely'. An honest work is always rewarded. A start-up company requires more work to be done and one has to put in many hours of work. A fresher can try to work without complaining about the work load. This is where he can make use of his soft-skills. If you are a fresher in such a company, then don't blame your boss. He is under more pressure than you. You can try to try understand his duties and pressures as well as your co-workers. You can also understand your responsibilities when you understand others.

Encouragement is a biggest motivator. In a start-up company, one is not given responsibilities. One has to take up responsibilities. Hence, you can try your level best to encourage your colleagues to give their hundred percent.

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