What Are The Objectives Of Management Accounting?


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The main objective of accounting management is to make better profit.

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The objectives of management are :-
1. Organisational objective
2. Social  objective
3. Personal objective
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The objective is to simply teach the manegerial technics in accounting in order to solve the financial and accounting problem easily.
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Some objectives of management accounting are:

To categorize and compute costs of production which is also known as cost accounting. Management accounting gives future prediction for expenses and profits; which is known as budgeting. It gives information on which investment decisions can be based. One can also discover inefficiencies within the organization. It is also use to manage costs and manage the flow of cash. Management accounting also helps in seeking opportunities which could be exploited by the firm.

In short; this kind of accounting helps in classifying all the key aspects on which a company's decisions are based.

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