What is one thing that makes you really proud of where you come from?


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Blurtit was created in Norwich, UK - and we're really proud of our home.

Other than Blurtit, Norwich is also famous for things like mustard, having lots of churches, and an awesome tech scene.

Norwich was once the second largest city in the UK (before the industrial revolution) and has been inhabited since around 50 AD.

It's also home to the (currently) Premier League football team Norwich City, known as 'the canaries' for their bright yellow kit.

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I am proud of my background because I am proud of my family

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There is one thing I am proud of where I came from - it is who I am now.  #Philippines #Pinay #ProudToBeME!

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I am proud of where I came from - it is who I am now.

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Because despite modern stereotypes and a generally misinformed view of it; many inventions people take for granted came from Southern inventors.

Just because we have an accent doesn't mean we're stupid.

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jacob durham , birds, answered

My family heritage which comes from France even though I was born in France I am still American.

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I am a Chinese. I'm proud of the economic development, we are living a better and better life.

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I am an INDIAN and am really proud of the various cultures, traditions, variety of food, the caring, innocence, people and the love people have for their country.

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wouldn’t change a thing about myself, or my past, because everything
that has happened in the past has only made me stronger. The fact that
I’m living, and understand the way life works to make us stronger in the
end makes me perfect to me,
and being perfect to me.

These are the things which  make us proud.

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I'm proud nike started here and rei and I was born here weed is very acceptable hippos a funky and theirs hikes for daze lol Eugene Oregon

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Despite common stereotypes, and historical misfortune of German and Central European (Slavic) people(s), I am proud of what I am and where my family ancestral background originates it makes me, me! Everyone should be proud of what they and where they are from, no matter what anyone tells them!

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I'm from Australia and I'm most proud of "Tonight Alive", gosh they're so good. :p

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You should always feel proud of your background as it tells who you are. If you are not, then you are worth calling belonging to that region.

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I am proud from where I came from, because of the values and principles that we have, the solidarity between us, the cheapest of the prices compared with the Europe.

Cheers from Morocco

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We are a small dot on the world map but nearly every one knows us.

And its mainly because of one thing - Reagge music!

Reggae has mas made Jamaica a widely popular culture. I've traveled to quite a few places and in every country they know Jamaica because of our music. It's a great feeling.

Nowadays there's another thing making Jamaica extra special and making Jamaicans proud across the globe - our athletes. Usain Bolt, Shelly Ann Fraiser-Pryce, there is a growing list of superb athletes from our little speck of a country.

I am so proud of my little lush island, there are so many reasons, but these two are at the top of the list.

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