How do I identify which leadership style is used by KBR? And how can I compare the effectiveness of KBR’s leadership style to a similar organisation?


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Identifying the leadership style at KBR

The leadership style at KBR, one of the largest energy and defense contractors in the United States (and the world) can be identified as being super-efficient but also balanced in that KBR seek to proactively provide an environment where employees can remain motivated and thrive in their individual fields.

KBR differentiates themselves by being what they call "a technology-driven engineering, procurement and construction" company.

As such, these are the leadership qualities that have made KBR a global leader and world success story:

  • They should have cutting edge technical understanding and training programs
  • They cross-train employees, and skill diversity is paramount
  • They encourage methodical planning
  • They make time for team bonding and team building seminars
  • They expect employees to have excellent verbal and written skills, and all round communication skills - regardless of what their role in the company will be.
  • They only accept the very best employees

If you're interested in the leadership style of KBR then you really need to watch this video:

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