Can you explain how each controllable and uncontrollable variable affects the decision making of a purchaser?


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I actually just wrote something about controllable and uncontrollable variables here: // - I did something similar in a module called 'Cost Accounting" about 2 years ago, didn't really enjoy it (I actually dropped out shortly after)!

Anyway, to answer your question, from the point of view of a purchaser, variables need to be assessed in terms of risk and predictive power.

A purchaser or consumer will try to work out what the likelihood of price increase/decrease is, and whether a purchase will represent a good return on investment.

He can do this by looking variables that affect pricing, and whether they are likely to change. Constant variables obviously won't, where as uncontrollable ones may - for better or worse.

This patterns can then be used by retailers or whoever to predict spending patterns and consumer/purchaser trends.

Here's some more detail on the whole process for you:

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