What are some creative ways to raise a large sum of money fast?


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If there was a simple answer to that question, the world would consist of far more millionaires than it does.

If you have a great idea that is very likely to offer a return on investment, then getting your idea before an angel investor or a startup accelerator might be a good idea.

Alternatively, you could try a crowd-funding website like: www.kickstarter.com/

I don't know how "creative" those ideas are... perhaps a more sensible solution would be to launch your business in a low-cost, low-risk way first, and then scale the project once you start making some revenue (you may be able to become self-sufficient pretty quickly that way, or at very least offer a stronger assurances to potential investors).

For example, if you wanted to open a Japanese restaurant in your hometown, perhaps you could try operating out of a market-stall or a van to that there is demand for your product before you invest substantially more money securing a premises etc...

While that might not sound as fun or glamorous, there's no reason why it has to be that way.

If you're a creative and driven individual, even a humble food van can be an inspiring project!

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LaJacquetta Mobley
BTW that is a Kick A** Food Van
LaJacquetta Mobley
Also If I am able to purchase these Licensing Right... I will be self Sufficient Very Quickly
LaJacquetta Mobley
All Channels of my mind are open, so that I may receive intuitive direction from the Higher mind of my Being as to where to lay claim to that which brings me prosperity....

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