What are some good hosting solutions provided for small size business?


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Derek Alvarez , President, CEO of Ezlifegadgets.com, answered

If your referring to web hosting, I would go with wix.com.  They have a great website builder software, good add-on apps and good pricing.

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Florence Taylor answered

DialWebHosting is  good hosting solutions provider for your business and it gives many services at very affodable rates which support your business.

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Anonymous answered

Hi there,

Before you purchase any hosting, make sure to check the comparision of some best web hosting providers

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Ocen Bosco answered

VPS hosting is a best choice for small scale business. You will get dedicated resources with enough bandwidth usage at very low price. Now hosting providers have come up with many addon features along with web hosting plans. Check some of the web hosting forums like hostesearch, vpsboard and more for new hosts and best deals.

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Abhishek Ryan answered

If you are just starting out, you should definitely check out my blog post on hosting providers who give the best services for free

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