How do I write letter to bank manager for an education loan?


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This isn't something you'd need to do in most countries - you'd simply apply for a scholarship, loan, or grant from the government or the school directly.

But here's an example of the kind of letter you could send to the bank to explain the financial help you need:

To the Bank Manager,
    Bank Name,
    City Name.

Dear Sir,

SUBJCT: Requesting education loan.

I am planning to study (name of course) during the years (2013-106)

Please grant me a loan so that I can pursue my education. I've inclosed the copies of my relevant study documents.

Enclosure :
1. Mark sheet of previous semesters.
2. Bonafide certificate.
3. College letter.

Yours sincerely,
(Your Name)

Use this as a basic guide and customize it to meet your requirements and you should do fine.

Good luck!

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