How can you make money from social media?


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I guess the most obvious way is through promoting a product or service that makes you money.

Social media is a great way for businesses and brands to connect with their consumers or users, but it's also a very effective way of spreading the word about your company.

How to make money on social media

So whatever you do whether its's flower arranging through to plumbing, you can connect with people that might be interested in your product very easily.

The challenge then is to encourage your social media "audience" to become users of your product.

Once they've used your product, you'll want them to keep engaging with you to build up "loyalty". You don't want them going to a competitor, and you'd like them to offer repeat business as frequently as possible - so encouraging them to follow you on a social networks means you can keep them in the loop and continue maintaining that relationship.

Finally, if you have people that have become "passionate" about your product or service, you'll want them to share that positive endorsement by sharing you with their friends. This is another value that social media can bring to the table.

Other ways to make money on social media

- If you develop a knack for connecting people through social media, you could even start offering advice and help to other companies.

- Ads are the big up-and-coming thing in the social media word. Most sites have them, but their relevance is growing.

You can make money by simply targeting potential customers on social networks, and inviting them to click through to a site displaying your products for sale.

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louisalice louis , Here are 10 tips for making money with social media , answered

10. Be authentic

Social media isn’t like traditional advertising and it shouldn’t look and feel the same. Social media is a community designed to share comfort, support, information, expertise, and entertainment. You need to develop a voice in social media — one that talks like a real person, shares like a real person, and that people can relate to as a real person. Share your foibles, mistakes, sense of humor, and what’s going on in your life. Let people backstage.

9. Don’t interrupt

If folks are having fun sharing on social networks, join in. Don’t bring the party down by talking about yourself. Have fun with them or create your own fun.

8. Leave them with something to talk about

Share something interesting — something of value. Social media is definitely a pay-it-forward world and if you don’t get that, then hire someone who does. I give away tons of valuable stuff — like thefirst chapter of my new social media analytics book. Grab a copy today and let me know what you think. No strings attached. And, if you give me feedback or edit my work, I’ll send you a PDF of the book when it’s finished. What a deal!

7. Follow your target market

Don’t fish where your boat is, fish where the fish are. You’ll be more successful. If the fish aren’t biting, move your boat. For instance, I used to get a lot of traffic to my website from Twitter — now, not so much. I still use Twitter, but I now focus on social networks that bring in traffic, especially the kind that will buy from me — my target market. I find Facebook much more valuable, especially my group, which I call my social media marketing tribe. Feel free to join us and share your great content with the group.

6. Build trust

Trust is a big word… it’s important. And trust in marketing is low because for years we’ve made promises to consumers then failed to meet our obligations. Firms have a lot to do to make up for this.

5. Engage

Get your target audience involved with you. Ask questions on Facebook. End your blog posts by asking for feedback. Participate in Quora conversations. And, make it easy for your target audience to engage. For instance, I use a plugin allowing visitors to comment using their Facebook profile. The plugin also brings comments from Facebook back to my blog. This increases engagement.

4. Build your community

Don’t just pretend to care about your visitors — truly care about them. That means responding quickly when they post a question or concern. Remember, social media is always on, so plan for responses during the evening and on weekends. When visitors share your content or comment on a post, thank them and consider ways you can repay the compliment.

Building community means being a good member of that community and helping everybody out.

3. Give value

Don’t think about yourself — think about your community. Why are they engaged with you? What are their pains? How can you help?

I recently met with a client interested in using social media to connect with younger prospects. Yet, they were uncomfortable when I suggested we find out what types of posts might help these prospects, they only wanted to talk about themselves in their social media marketing. FAIL!

2. Plan, plan, plan

You can never plan too much. And, planning isn’t done — you need to constantly update your plan as things change. I commonly suggest to clients that we meet on a monthly basis to review results and plan for the next month’s campaign. Putting your social media marketing on autopilot isn’t going to optimize your opportunity to make money with social media.

Contingency planning should also be part of your social media marketing plan. Social media marketing is, by its nature, less predictable. You never know when someone is going to say something off the wall or where they’re going to choose to say it. You need a contingency plan so when something bad happens, you’re ready with a response.

Recently, Jesse from Jess3 behaved badly at a conference. I wasn’t there, so I don’t know the details. The important thing is he quickly responded and apologized for his poor behavior before others started complaining about it.

1. Measure, analyze, respond

Social media is great because there’s so much information available, but don’t get sidetracked with vanity metrics like # of Fans or Followers. These don’t translate well to conversion, so keep you eye on the ball. Assess things related to making money with social media — things like reach, SEO, and conversion. Be sure to assesses these metrics in a way that helps you focus your efforts on creating more content that performs well.

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Social media is growing very fast today. By increasing the internet user everyone using a smartphone. Most of the people are using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Whatsapp. Billions of people engaging on social media platforms per day. Modern days every company want to gain the customer from social media. So this the reason why every company has a page/product on social media. They are using the public engagement and can give their product/services easily. By this, they are making lots of money online without making any office and store. You can also use the social media platform for money making purpose. This is a very interesting and growing field and you can grow very fast if you will work by dedication.

There are many social media platform available for Eg. Facebook, youtube, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and many more.

But just by using Facebook in the right way, you can generate tons of money as it is the no.1 social media platform on the world.

You can sell your product or become an influencer through your Facebook page and make money.

Which services or product you want to promote you can do it in a very easy way with or without a little investment. You can be a good brand too. Write some catchy description of your product/services which is engaged by people. If they like your service they will contact you surely and you can sale your service from your home because a lot of people who are working they have not enough time for going to market and purchase everything . Nowadays life is very busy. You can utilize it and earn more and more by your hardworking day by day.

But if you are a newbie in this sector, then things would seem a lot tough to you. As you will not have any followers or likes on your page, so no one will review your products or order them. Because they are invisible right now.

You can make them visible by spending money with the help of facebook ads services. You can also boost your products too.

However, it’s quite expensive and just suitable for a large company and brand. Don’t try running Facebook ads just in a short time, which will lose your money and time.

However, this doesn’t bring the effective result to your page. If you don’t have much money, I highly recommend you to buy facebook reviews.

Buying facebook reviews on other sites will really help your product get more and more attention and will be sold out easily.

So give real importance in it.

One of the most trusted website to buy facebook review is SMM Boost service.

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