What career involves the most money for the least work?


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Probably in computers

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Neil Ball , I help people make money online, working from home either part time or full time, so that they can build a busines while having a life. To f, answered

Without doubt the internet. Most of the companies that you use today such as Google, Facebook, Plenty of Fish were started at home.

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Yo Kass
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Yeah but surely there is a lot of work involved behind the success of these companies!
And for every Google or Facebook, there must be thousands of site-founders that devote time & money to projects that never monetise, no?
Neil Ball
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Yes but if you look at the return on the effort for the founders - you cant beat it. Obviously it is not possible for everyone to set up a FB or Google but there are still opportunities online
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So, let's say I had an internet business idea.. what would be your advice for getting it off the ground? What's the first step I should be looking to take?
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louisalice louis , the most money for the least work, answered

1. Director of Information Technology

2. Director of Sales and Marketing

3. Product Manager

4. Senior Web Developer

5. Technical Specialist

6. Electronics Technician

7. Law Clerk

8. Technical Support Analyst

9. CNC Machinist

10. Marketing Manager

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