What is the impact of risky behaviour and situations (on yourself and others (community or society at large)?


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Risky behaviour doesn't affect me at all really - I'm the kind of guy that thrives on danger. Or at least that's what I like to think!

But when it comes down to it, I guess the risk-taking actions of others do have an affect on myself and society as a whole!

Risky behaviour might have some impact on society at large

For one, it encourages more legislation. The powers that be are alerted to the risks that people take, and they try to put as much red-tap and legistlation in as possible.

Take for example fireworks.

We've been using them for centuries without all this health and safety nonsense.

But then, because some people take unnecessary risks when messing about with a batch of Roman Candles, it now means I can't purchase really basic fireworks without some for of ID on me!

Then there are a myriad of other behaviours that could have a pretty big impact on the world around us.

What about sexual risks: Causing the spread of HIV AIDS and other diseases. And unwanted babies, social problems due to that, and economic problems from the burden placed on the system

Then I need to mention the violence that people are perpetrating nowadays. So ready to fight - whether it be a streetbrawl or a warzone, it seems humans are slowly loosing their sense!

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