What are some of the most common mistakes that tech startups make?


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1. Focussing on the product and not the solution it provides

Often startups are so consumed with the product they are building that they forget that it is only useful if it solves an end users problem.

2. Functionality for the sake of it

Too many features from day one means you never get to launch. MVP (Minimum Viable Product) should be the mantra of all Tech startups to avoid getting beaten to the post or never shipping at all!

3. Being too, secretive about what they are doing

There are plenty of ideas out there, nobody wants your idea they want to be part of the finished product. You want investors, you want advocates, you want people to help you succeed? Then tell them everything you can about what it is you're doing. Playing your cards too close to your chest will only leave you alone in the battle to launch.

4. Build it and they will come

Oh no they won't. You need to scream from the roof tops all through development all the way into launch and beyond. It's a noisy world out there make sure you get heard.

5. They don't write enough

If you can't write, learn to write, if you haven't got time to write, dictate or record YouTube videos. You should take every opportunity to write about your experience. People will love to hear your startup story making it far easier to get your product to market. You never know you may even become famous by accident along the way!

6. Borrow too much or give too much equity away

Are you sure you need that money? Every bit you borrow or every share you give away cuts into your potential. By all means don't cut yourself short for the sake of it, but it is amazing how far you can get under your own steam with a bit of inginuity.

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Great answer Sean, thanks!
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I have nothing more to add. Awesome answer.
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Fantastic answer. The secrecy around one's idea seems to be a lot more common in the UK. The default state of a startup is death and therefore founders should be shouting from the rooftops to help bring the idea to life and get feedback.
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They are often not able to communicate or explain their business or offering to their customers or clients. Therefore you might need an introductory video to explain it.

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For your project and startup to be successful, you need to create documentation that fully explains the project goals, key features, proposed technology stack, and architecture overview. Sign in to the site and find out all the details. Startups need to be approached responsibly and it is better to seek help from specialists who know everything about this.

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