What do you say to greedy, selfish people? Why are famous, rich people greedy?


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It's an ego trip for them - to be able to buy or do whatever they want and not worry about the cost.The good things in life become available and when these people get a taste for luxury, they don't want to give it up and spend more time adding to their wealth.We have a joke saying over here: "I'm alright Jack, pull up the ladder", meaning that the rich only care about themselves and won't help the poorer folks.
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Marry me ?, their greediness makes them rich and famous
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I play with lovers to test their strength of love but never try to break em , since your engaged and your not interested in me its understood
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What is wrong with you guys.....this aint no dating site...so stop making it out tht everybody hates uu!
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This talk is not meant for kids either
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Money becomes like a drug to them, the more they get the more they want. A lot of them only give to charity, because it is a good tax dodge.
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Nice but still they need to give out more and there was a joke saying that if you say you are rich, you have to give up the money.
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It makes them feel better about themselves

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