Would you rather your goverment spend tax money on exploring space or the bottom of the oceans?


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Joe B. answered
I wish it would never be one or the other. We can explore both I think.
But perhaps it would be good to learn about earth as a whole before we try to master other worlds.
We may end up on a planet with oceans someday (we hope) and it would be nice to have the ability to explore those oceans completely when we arrive.
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Jim Bourbon
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Good answer never thought of it that way. I just want someone to find some huge weird animal at the bottom of the ocean some where or if they found one in space that would be even cooler.
Joe B.
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Well considering how small we are on this planet, maybe we are living inside of a bigger being as we speak. Maybe the universe is just an atom or something.
But I do agree with you, it would be good to discover something new and amazing.
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Lynne Dwyer answered
I would rather the government spend the money on cleaning the oceans, forcing non-conforming states to stop dumping waste in the ocean. Spending money on space exploration, is not all spent on exploration. Many useful scientific, medical, industrial discoveries and uses have been implimented, because of "space" exploration. Losing the KSC, and it's government back-up, has left a large portion of Fl. In peril. And not just finacially. All this comes after Obama, promising to keep the Space Center alive and running well.
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Ang Self , neither, answered

Neither, we should be spending it on saving the earth, that's a little bit more important, without Earth the ocean & space will be obsolete!

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