Why Is It Easier For A Camel To Pass Through The Eye Of A Needle Than For A Rich Man To Enter Into Heaven?


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You've hear the term "the love of money is the root of all evil" haven't you?  Not money itself, but the love of money.  People who are rich and people who aren't rich may love money or desire money more than anything else in the world.  The love of money captures their every living breathing moment.  This "love of money" turns some people into greedy, self-indulgent, and selfish human beings who care no more about others or about being "saved" then the man in the moon.  They may think their riches will get them into heaven because their wealth will buy them a "ticket" into heaven.  They are blind sighted and do not realize how wrong their foolishness is until it may be too late for them to enter into heaven because their hearts have been hardened.
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Don't know - Just what Jesus said - and a very strange statement is is. However, I believe there is some evidence that the original Hebrew/Aramaic was mistranslated because the words for 'camel' and 'rope' are very similar. Trying to thread a rope through the eye of a needle would make much more sense.
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A rich man is generally "considered" to be more self-centered and less concerned with the orphans, widows, and the infirm etc., than the man who is closer to them financially.  The rich man wants only to amass more $ while the man of average means is more apt to donate and help those less fortunate.
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Because they can't bribe the paper checker there. :)
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That's just a story the Apostles made up to make poor people feel better, and encourage them to become Christians. A Heaven full of born-again Christians would be my idea of Hell.
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Money isn't everything.
Rich men are sometimes greedy and selfish.
They are often referred to as big headed, and think a lot of themselves.
This does not make them a good man.
A good man would share his money and help others with this.
Charity etc.
I am not out to deliberately offend rich people, for I am certainly not one myself.
I am not saying every rich man is a selfish stuck-up greedy big headed slug.
I am just saying many are.

Is this camel a paper cut out or something.
You can fold it up?
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If you concern yourself with the 'outer' world you will neglect your 'inner' world. If you concern yourself with the material you will neglect the spiritual.
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Because a rich man only sees the rewards that are tangible in their own hands and will not bend their knees to the will of God.they do not believe what God has for them can exceed what they would have to give up of what they think they made by their own hands.they don't see the reward of following the one that created the wealth of the world they only see the wealth they have gathered in the small pile(millions,billions,trillions) they have with their own hands. In other words it is easier for a camel to kneel down with a full pack load and crawl through the eye of the needle(the door way of the city wall of the kings city that only one man at a time can go through at one time) than for a man to give up what they think they have earned by their own hand without God.
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Madmacstew - the lord has made being forgiven so easy that it confuses the seemingly brilliant in their own minds to the point of blindness. If your as smart as you make yourself out to be you would get on your knees and ask for forgiveness of God in the name of Jesus before you are like the rich man seperated from God asking for a drop of water to quench your thirst looking up into heaven across the great divide at this slob.: ) cont-
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Masmacstew - as the story goes these slobs give more in comparison to the rich when the time comes.studies have proved this time and again. As in the parable of the widow that gave all she had (one coin). While the rich gave more they actually gave less than their ten percent tithe. Even when they appear to be doing great things for the haitians and the people in chile they are not doing as much as they could be doing while the poor are giving more in scale than the rich would ever conceive of.
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Jaffa Gate -- Located at the west side of Jerusalem, the Jaffa Gate has a "needle’s eye," a small opening used as a security entrance at night when the large gate was safely shut.

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