If You Were Given $2000 To Spend, What Would You Buy With It?


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Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
Something for myself? Gosh, you are asking a lot of me. I never get anything for myself. I did once spend $500. On myself, it was my Stephen King collection. I could get some clothes I guess, some new shoes. Yarn to crochet, and art supplies I guess, like wood to carve, or paper, pens and pencils, paints, and canvas. Seeds to garden with. But, that is me.
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Jim Witness Protection
Or, you could go to Neiman Marcus in NYC and spend 2000 bucks on a pair of shoes - thousand for the left one, thousand for the right one!
Jacquelyn Mathis
Jacquelyn Mathis commented
LOL, so, if I could walk from one end of the block to the other, in them thar shoes, how much would each step be broken down to in value? Lol
carrie Profile
carrie answered
I would buy a root canal and a crown for the tooth I broke...seriously. Other than that, can't think of much I would buy for myself. Kids always need stuff, the car has 216K miles on it, and there is always something coming up. I'll think of stuff for myself once I finish my degree and get a job. And feel like I'm ahead of everything else. (stop laughing, it could happen.)
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Jim Witness Protection
Getting a root canal and a crown and the 2 big ones may not be enough! Did you ever see where dentists live? And I'm not laughing - it WILL happen.
carrie commented
Yeah, 2G won't even cover it. And I know it will happen. Just some days it seems farther away than others! And I know I'll never really feel ahead--does anybody? Other than maybe the dentists....
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I'd buy 6 months worth of Pilate's sessions...and cute new clothes for when I tone up after all that hard work!
Shirley McLean Profile
Shirley McLean answered
I would buy $500.00 in iTunes cards, two or three new pairs of boots, and two screen doors.  My front and back ones both are kinda hinky, and need to be replaced.  If I had any left, I would buy more books for my (terrific) witchcraft library, used, from Amazon.com.  Fun question, buddy!  Thanks, that was as much fun as actually spending it.
Janet Simmons Profile
Janet Simmons answered
I've not been on a vacation in quiet awhile!!  I think I'd splurge and take one...going somewhere I've never been.  I love to site see.  Arizona would be nice, or the Grand Canyon, maybe even the Redwood Forests of CA!!  Of course, I'd probably need more than 2K!!
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Jim Witness Protection
2 big ones could supply you with enough cash to do an awful lot of site seeing. Just depends if you want to stay at the Waldorf or Motel 6!
Janet Simmons
Janet Simmons commented
Well, I've got to get out there and that would be driving not flying.
Gold bars...[BOOK ENDS] to save for when things really get bad.♥
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Jim Witness Protection
Answer is marginally acceptable, because you are doing an end-around investment. Also, answer is WAY to sensible for you!
I am a sensible and logical person;agreed?
Glen Thornbury
Glen Thornbury commented
Nassy read mine you know what that back seat is called! It could be yours in PR!
Lynne Dwyer Profile
Lynne Dwyer answered
Only 2000? That won't get me the flat screen t.v. I want. I'd probably get a few pieces of furniture and a new p.c. Monitor.

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