Is It Tacky To Give A Present And Later Take It Back And Get A Present Of Lesser Value, And Keep The Extra Money? Or Should The Extra Money Be Given To The Person Receiving The Gift?


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No. Not tacky at all. Presents are to make the receiver happy, right? So there it happy with your present, and the money too.
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For a normal, sophisticated person who has dignity and a good nature, it is uncultured regardless of the boundaries of all the cultures of the world. If you've given a present to someone and then you take it back, he may not say to you that it is improper. But he would feel it in his heart. And it will also prick your conscience later on. And if you've taken back the gift and you're going to give him some new thing of lesser value so that you could keep the extra money, this will degrade you in your eyes whenever you come to realize the right way.

Although in presents the thing which matters most is your sincerity not the value of present. And if you want to give the extra money to the person who would receive the gift, you should give it in a very well mannered way so that he will think it's a part of the present. You should avoid giving it by hand. Rather you should present it in a way which will make you respected in the other person's eyes.
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You have not understood the question fully. It was a vehicle part, that was not the right one, so we HAD to take it back, and the other part was cheaper.
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Giving present to each other is a tradition, custom as well as fashion of every society now days. People give presents to their dear ones, friends and relatives on different occasions. Presents are considered a symbol of love, which a particular person gives to his or hers beloved or lover.
So far your question is concerned that is it tacky to give a present and later take it back and get a present of lesser value and keep the extra money or the extra money should be given to the person who is receiving the gift. First of all to give a present and later take it back does not sound well and the person feels insulted to whom you have given the gift. It is a direct insult to him and one should avoid it. Secondly after taking back the present and getting a present of lesser value and keeping the extra money is another offence, which one should not do. If you will try to give extra money to the person from whom you have taken the present back, he will feel more insulted. In my opinion once the present is given, it should neither be taken back nor exchanged because it becomes a cause of hurting someone very badly.
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This was only because it was a car part, that ended up being the wrong one, and we HAD to take it back, the right part was cheaper, not that we did it to get money back on purpose.
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Depends on why you are taking the present back. If you are doing it just to save the money, then it is very tacky and makes the other person uncomfortable. Advise for next time, think before what you buy.

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