Does Febreze Really Work How It Says On The Adverts?


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Kathy Castillo answered
Yes. I believe that Febreze is a very good product and it really does work as it is advertised on the adverts.

Febreze has a pleasant smell that works to get rid of and eliminates foul and nasty odours around your house or in your car. I have used Febreze for a couple of years and I love it.

Febreze has a lot of different products for different areas and uses around your house. There is the normal air freshener that you simply spray into the air. However, there are Febreze products especially for fabrics and clothes. There are plug in, oil based Febreze air fresheners that will constantly keep your rooms smelling fresh and nice all the time.

Febreze also has a line of laundry detergents that are nice. They do get rid of dirt and grime and leave your clothes clean and smelling fresh.

So, overall, I would say that Febreze is a nice product that really lives up to its name in the adverts.

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