Can A Lease Be Terminated Because Of Job Relocation?


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A term of lease is for the period of time agreed upon. You can not as a renter terminate the lease because of your relocation unless you have a clause in your lease that specifies you can do that for the reason named. That being said, most leaseholders are willing to work with you given your circumstances of relocation for employment reasons. Just talk with your landlord and explain your situation. If you read your lease you will probably find a clause that specifies what happens for early termination. Usually, there is a dollar penalty amount and sometimes even monthly rent due until the place is rented or leased again. Look over your lease and talk to your landlord. Good luck.
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I have been a manager for years the term of a lease does not matter, when you have to relocate for a job or go into the armed services. It can be done, and yes some people will tell you that it can't always read the fine print . Knowledge is power. It can be done!!!!
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Yes a Lease can be broken because of job relocation. What you need to do is get something from your job in writing on letter head saying that you are moving for job reasons. They sometimes make you pay that next months rent to cover them finding someone to take your place. But oh yes I would do this right away to let them know ahead of time if possible. Good Luck!1
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You need to talk to your landlord about what he is willing to do here so it wont cost you a small fortune

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