Can A Parent Put A Bill In A Child's Name? I Was A Minor When I Used My Moms Health Insurance And She Said That The Bill Is Now In My Name Because I Am Over 18. Is That Legal In Ohio?


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Deemarcas Day answered
They can, but I don't think it is legal.  Some parents use their child's SS # cause their own credit is bad, so the child has bad credit before he even knows what credit is.  Your mom was responsible for you when you used her health insurance, so it should not be your liabilty.  As long as she didn't give them your  SS# then I wouln't worry about it, but if she did, it will be a black mark on your credit unless it gets paid.  Sounds like your mom doesn't care very much, mine was the same, had to buy my own personal needs at 14 and 15, so I moved out at 16.

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